COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Modest Fashion & Travel

Modest Fashion: Statement of Oppression?


My dissertation focused on the oppression of modest fashion. Interviewing 7 females, allowed me to gain different perspectives as to why women choose to wear modest fashion on a daily basis. Topics such as religion, culture, the male and female gaze played an enormous role in influencing women to wear modest fashion. For some this sense of dress became their identity, for some it was following what they had been taught growing up and not defying from traditional and religious behaviours. Original links between the ‘Cultural meaning of ‘whiteness’ and modest fashion was introduced, this dissertation captured what women face within the South Asian communities when it comes to skin colour.

Independent Final Project:
TravelUkht (translation: ukht = sister) is designed to support Muslim female solo travellers to explore without compromising their religious beliefs. It allows the target consumers to connect with likeminded people during their travels. Female Muslim travellers are eager to explore new countries and destinations which are not predominately Islamic countries. TravelUkht allows them to get the most out of their destinations and travels; learning about the local history, connecting with locals that are likeminded people and exploring the destinations without compromising their religious beliefs or safety.

The final outcomes for the Independent Final Project included mock-ups of the TravelUkht app and social media post. It also included a mock-up of the TravelUkht website, and a 12-month marketing strategy for the new start up business.

All skills developed from University modules allows me to transfer easily into my chosen sector, Social Media and Marketing Management.