Rachel Willett

Rachel Willett

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: AND Magazine

Providing a new and exciting reading experience for the millennial consumer.
The Millennials currently make up a quarter of the United Kingdom population.

When conducting primary research of different independent magazines out there on the market currently, there was a lack of magazines that were targeted at both genders but also at the millennial consumer. The Millennials are set to hit a population of 17 million by 2019, so there is a considerable potential market out there. Which is where the idea and creation of AND magazine was formed, to provide a gender-neutral content magazine for the Millennials, but something that also celebrates men and women rather than valuing one over the other.

The name of the magazine was formed and abbreviated from the word ‘Androgyny’, as it is for both men AND women. The magazine will be quarterly published, which will allow the time for information and content to be gathered efficient and thoroughly. Collaboration within the magazine allowed us to produce a diverse product, these came in the form of knitwear brand Old Harry, travel, lifestyle, and food bloggers.

The final outcomes ensured that a full Business Plan, Research Booklet, and a Brand Style Guide were completed to show the logistics of AND.

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