Rachel Harrison

Rachel Harrison

Rachel Harrison

COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Constructed Textiles

The Biophilic Workplace

Woven interior fabrics intended to reconnect the consumer with the natural world.

Inspired by biophilic design, 'The Biophilic Workplace' explores nature's colours, formations and surfaces to inspire wall installations and soft furnishings applicable for the workplace. These designs aim to subconsciously immerse the consumer within nature and consequently benefit their individual performance and overall wellbeing, a common result of biophilic design.

Through experimentation of woven structures, fabrics have been manipulated to form interesting and engaging surfaces, creating effective ways of indirectly representing nature’s formations. Inspired by nature’s hues, the colour palette remains highly refined whilst the use of wooden surfaces enables other natural materials to be incorporated into the collection and considers the importance of other elements of biophilic design such as natural light and air.