Rachel Cooper

Rachel Cooper

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: The Style Studio At Selfridges

You Define You: The future of retailing is about personalisation. Get to know the individual not the generation.
The Style Studio: Bettering the experience of the whole purchase journey at Selfridges.
With mobile and tablet use on the rise, the future landscape of retailing appears undoubtedly digital. Consumers in turn increasingly expect to see products that align with their needs and preferences, establishing a market demand for personalisation. The struggle for businesses however, is whether the quality of the individual service in the physical retail environment can be replicated through e-commerce systems (Sherman, 2016). The consumer needs to have access to a seamless multichannel brand experience, allowing them to feel part of a community yet recognised for their individual traits.

Introducing ‘The Style Studio’ for Selfridges, an internationally accessible app and website extension for the anonymous shopper and style advice seeker looking to unlock and discover their personalised style DNA. The service aims to provide a niche offering within the market, bridging the gap between not only technology and the overall shopping experience, but also between the concept of style and lifestyle. The reference to ‘studio’ encompasses the creative pool of industry professionals within the Selfridges business that the service engages contact with, through personal DNA development and product matching phases. The Style Studio is about a community of brand specialists, stylists, personal shoppers and macro trend spotters, helping consumers get the product and service most relevant to their individual needs and desires. This is the future of e-commerce at Selfridges: ‘you define you’.
Rachel Cooper

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