Priya Mistry

Priya Mistry

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Digital Marketing


Birmingham City University Fashion Business and Promotion graduate with 5 years of runway and photo shoot styling experience within the Fashion industry. From studying this course I have gained a wide breadth of knowledge regarding the business elements of the fashion industry. Through studying modules such as; digital marketing, international retailing and events management, I have acquired a number of skills which will help further my position within the fashion digital marketing industry. Alongside my professional development, this course has also aided my individual growth as a person, preparing me with increased confidence and strong interpersonal skills.

Digital Marketing, Branding and PR:
Designing and producing a unique innovative branding, digital marketing and PR strategy for an existing brand(Hollister) with potential to improve. Aims included raising the brand profile to reach a new consumer and increasing engagement amongst the existing target market. The new proposed marketing strategy for Hollister was created in response to the findings from a marketing and branding report which was also produced. Topics explored within the report included; brand history, touch points and message, marketing mix, existing and new consumers, competitor analysis through comp shops and brand adjacency maps, and SWOT analysis with evaluation of the new opportunity for the brands improvement. The strategy which was produced, was a blogger collaboration campaign, which targeted the existing young consumer through online interaction and a physical store tour.

International Retailing:
Identifying, evaluating and applying market entry methods for internationalisation, to enable online brand Kylie Cosmetics to successfully operate within in a new physical market. Aims included bringing the organisation into a new market where it is currently unavailable and justifying the need for the proposed entry to the new market, as well as producing visuals to support the promotional mix strategy. The proposed expansion was for Kylie Cosmetics to open a pop up store in the UK, with heavy emphasis on social media scarcity marketing, as it is the main method used by the brand. Some of the topics researched throughout the report included; the UK and US beauty market, macro and micro analysis, reasons for internationalisation and threats and opportunity analysis to name a few.

Events Management:

Working as a team to plan and execute a live event in order to raise money for charitable organisation St.Basils. Aims consisted of developing knowledge and application of management processes within events, applying principles of events management to a practical situation and working effectively as a team to understand the principles of group work and conflict management. Topics executed within the module included; marketing, sponsorship, promotion, PR and finance, considering the target market and legal requirements. Taking on the role of social media manager, it was important to keep a consistent brand identity across all social media platforms, and keep all platforms regularly updated regarding event information. It was also imperative to include crucial detail about any fundraisers being carried out, whilst choosing the relevant times to be posting on the different platforms for optimal engagement with the audience. Furthermore, with the event being a BKchat style debate utilising YouTubers, it was important to ensure they shared event information on their individual profiles to reach their audiences, therefore post content information was forwarded to them.

Skills achieved from these modules included;
• Understanding how to target varied audiences depending on the core consumer
• Idea generation for an innovative promotional strategy through different marketing techniques
• Understanding the importance of researching and keeping to brand identity on all platforms
• Deep analysis of competitors and how their strengths can be utilised to further the brand in question
• Exploring how organisations expand into new markets
• Understanding of the appropriate times to use different market entry methods
• Understanding push/pull factors and cultural proximity
• Utilising the stages of internationalisation
• Negotiating and liasing with industry
• Posting on various social media platforms at relevant times for optimal engagement
• Crisis management
• Strategic planning