Princess-Nicole Owusu-Afriyie

Princess-Nicole Owusu-Afriyie

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



'I am a Fashion, Business and Promotion graduate who is interested in marketing, which connects the link between brand and consumer. Modules such as Marketing & PR, Trend Forecasting and Visual Merchandising have equipped me with the knowledge needed to gain skills into marketing as well as the creative direction and business mindset, to gain an upper hand into the marketing sector as a career field.

Experience from various Internships as well as paid jobs have helped me gain knowledge from an industry prospective such as my time at Adidas as an entertainment and influencer marketing assistant, this endorsed my need to gain more information into the marketing sector as it provided me with connections and industry experience, allowing me to use my previous capabilities and also allowing me to gain new skills and transform these into expertise. The modules throughout my three years at university helped me gain skills from an academic place, this includes creative knowledge from different software such as adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.'

Research from my dissertation on ‘Fashion Rentals: What Is Behind Luxury Fashion Rentals and What Is the Impact on The Fashion Industry?’ Gave me the determination to gain more knowledge into Luxury Fashion Rentals and to carry on extensive research into this topic area. This allowed me to explore the recommendations from this project to create a business that was sustainable and ‘tech savvy’ to align with the digital age we are in. This includes an easily accessible app for several consumers especially directed to the consumer group ‘Generation Rent’.

Makers is a premium rental service which provides consumers with sustainable garments which are made specifically for renting purposes. There are many perks for the consumers of the brand once they start collating points for how many sustainable deeds they do.

The work shown here is sample of what I am capable of, and the plan is to develop my skills much further as I delve more into the fashion industry.