Pollyanna Waddicor

Pollyanna Waddicor

Pollyanna Waddicor

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020


Within this concept I will be exploring the enduring appeal of old romance and the simplicity that made it so beautifully special. Inspired by my Grandparents almost ‘fairy-tale’ relationship, pre-1950, as both stayed true for over 65 years. I thought it would be interesting to explore these observations as present-day romance has changed almost unrecognisably compared to the past. To look back and understand what made it so beautifully pure and incredibly resilient. Alongside taking influence from the Pre-Raphaelite society and their obsession with nature and love, in an almost make-believe setting. I want to compare the similarities, exploring qualities that both older romantic times had.

Within this concept, I will be looking into the idea of infatuation and the preconceived confusion of this emotion… particularly focusing on a brief marriage from within the pre-Raphaelite society. As collectively the Pre-Raphaelites were obsessed by the idea of love and pure romance, Rossetti and Elisabeth (Lizzie Siddal), however, I believe to be more infatuation, due to their turbulent marriage and attitude. Yet, I wanted to explore the idea of bringing their short yet intense relationship into the present day, by example of the fashion and lifestyle photographer Juergen Teller. Focusing on the modern partnership
of artist and muse. The brush becomes the camera as it portrays the artist’s eternal fascination with beauty and form. The natural foregrounds of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, studded with a carpet of floral tributes is echoed by Teller’s stylistic ideas, the pre-occupation of pattern and colour resonates through the ages. As the style of photography regarding his muse emulates the aesthetic that Rossetti was forming with Lizzie.
I will explore modern elements, for example, the modern way of communicating (i.e texting…) enmeshed with the raw opulence that Teller communicates. I believe if around today, this style and aesthetic would be reflected by this past couple.