Po-Chuan Tseng

Po-Chuan Tseng

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


The Investigation Into The Next Model of Fashion Supply Chain

The caravan's next strop of sourcing is as active as ever. And apparel buyers are struggling to find the caravan’s next stop of sourcing.

Vertical Integration: The combination in one supply chain stage of two or more stages.

Trend Forecasting:
This project aimed to conduct and forecast a future trend by connecting threads in different parts of the society like politics, environment, fashion, economy. In this project, I have conducted a future trend called “Techno-lution”, which means technology + revolution. It is a trend that celebrates cyborg usage and purports that future inhabitants are going to utilise avatar and microchip formats.

Buying and Merchandising:
This project has collaborated with a British premium brand, WHISTLES. In this project, I have designed six different CADs and a buying plan for the menswear jacket sector of the brand. In this project, there are justifications my CADs with the trend that was occurring as my design inspiration. Furthermore, there are also considerations about weather, temperature, sales activities that support me to conduct the critical paths of my six CADs launching period.

Dissertation: The Investigation Into The Next Model of Apparel Supply Chain:
This research aimed to investigate the next model of the mass-fashion supply chain. Due to the reason of many hidden costs occurs in overseas sourcing and the more savvy consumption behaviour, many mass-fashion supply chains faced the struggle to balance their supply chain efficiency and responsiveness. As a result, this research investigated potential technologies that could solve and transform the current mass-fashion supply chains.

Trough this educational journey in Birmingham City University, Birmingham United Kingdom, I have developed well-knowledge in the fashion industry, and abilities to forecast future trends and to transform them into concrete business strategies. In my Final Major Project, I have created a new brand, UN-TITLED. It has a new supply chain model that adopted the supply chain strategy, Vertical Integration, to increase a supply chain’s responsiveness and efficiency. From the project UN-TITLED, I have not only designed a new supply model but also found my passion for branding and marketing. Therefore, this passion drives me to make my decision on choosing my future career path, which I want to work in the brand and marketing sector, that not only brand business movement visually, but goes beyond and also helps businesses to brand themselves innovatively.