Phoebe Victoria Richards

Phoebe Victoria Richards

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



Nature is not just beautiful. Even in small doses it changes the way we feel.
Hesen specialises in the integration of mindful air care into the home with innovative decorative and interior products.
My final year dissertation explored the relationship between Sensory Marketing and the Home Scent market. A common thread throughout directed my final major project in the direction of an integrated home scent brand. Taking Nordic inspiration and driven by the continually growing clean living trends, Hesen was born. The current air care market is saturated with decorative air care solutions full of harmful synthetic ingredients curating definitive negative health and safety impacts. Hesen offers integrated home scent solutions with a mindfulness ethos for The Optimised Self seeking Generation X. The first of it's kind across the UK's decorative and interior markets, Hesen offers a natural range of decoration products that have been developed with the purpose of consumers being able to integrate a beneficial scent within the home or chosen space for a long term solution. Hesen initially offers three innovative products; Scented Paint, Scented Wall Paper and Scented Furniture Waxes. All available in each of the well being scents from the four ranges, Lykke (happiness), Rolig (calming), Sove (sleep well) and Konsentrere (concentra- tion). All ingredients are 100% natural to minimise the harmful effects of internal pollution. No harmful chemicals or toxins are used and Hesen’s products protect both consumer, their families and homes from chemically induced ailments.

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