Philippa Lloyd

Philippa Lloyd

Philippa Lloyd

COURSE: Textiles 2018

Pathway: Embroidered Textiles


Precious Wilderness

Specialising in embroidered textiles, mixing digital stitch with details of hand stitch including beading and goldwork.

Inspiration is often gained from nature, creating intriguing surfaces and textural fabric manipulation.

Having been influenced by the rural habitats of grasslands and moorland throughout my childhood, the atmosphere creates a perfect scene of textures, colours and patterns with a strong personal attachment. Dartmoor particularly has been a key place where I have grown up making it personal and close to my heart, this is what makes me intrigued in how the beauty can be put into embroidery.
Inspiration will be taken from flowering plants, but also the contrast in the wide variety of species. The climate on Dartmoor plays a big part in my interpretation of the place, it has a climate of its own and is often windy, having an effect on how the plants are seen, felt and heard. Therefore a key element of these places to me is the movement of the grasses.
Precious Wilderness will unfold and create a sense of these habitats through embroidery methods, with brushed lines and textures representing the dry, fine grasses. This contrasting with the rich tough heather and gorse with popping colours through gold work. Digital embroidery will provide a strong background of colour and pattern whilst hand embroidery techniques will show softer touches such as meadow flowers and create textured surfaces.