pengyu wang

pengyu wang

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Menswear 2017



My project is based on insectS life span, and THE TRANSFORMATION of insects is my start point. Then I developed from this point to make my garments more functional.
Insects have always given me a kind of feeling that they are constantly renovating and breaking their own inherent patterns, and repeatedly, to become a brand-new, vivacious and beautiful another, and breaking their own original lifestyles. Consequently, the motif of my design concept emphasises this key perception that gives me an insight of something importnat to pursue, which is “grit”. When I was young, I often immersed myself in my own world and hated the chaotic society. But during the years of growing up, I have come to learn to be gritty and have realised that social relationship is an improtant personality. Therefore, I set up mind to change. Proudly, because of the grit I had to change my old life, I have become a better me now. Thus, all the designs of this series I mainly focus on encouraging people who yearn to change themselves with “grit”, then they can slowly undergo METAMORPHOSIS like insects, e.g.butterflies, developing into a enchanting beauty, a little proud fairy flying in the sky.
I am quite interested in the lifecycle of insects, which present different shapes of their appearance during the whole period of life time. For example, a butterfly has four stages in them life span, i.e. eggs-larva-pupa-adult, and each stage is totally different from others. That is an amazing thing to me, whihc inspires me to do some works that can be worn in different ways and show different looks.

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