Paulina Mackiewicz

Paulina Mackiewicz

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Selfridges Lifestyle Loyalty App

Love is based on inspiration. We are inspired by brands for the same reason we’re inspired by the people we love
Effective customer interaction will naturally increase and strengthen brand loyalty. Innovation in technology plays a huge role in this, shaping the way we shop
Through the exploration of marketing and the loyalty of consumers it has been identified that technology plays a huge impact on how consumers shop. The interest in marketing started with the dissertation on how marketing uses psychology to encourage consumer to buy large quantities of products. Through the research it was acknowledged that marketing is not the only feature which has influence on consumer shopping behaviour. Because of the saturated market consumers are looking for different services that the brands have to offer.

For the final major project a Lifestyle Loyalty App was created for Selfridges. The app is a way of marketing to consumer but in a way which makes it more personalised to the consumer lifestyle. The demand for mobile apps have increased because of convenience and quick service they provide.
The research showed that interaction and engagement with consumers can build a strong loyalty towards a brand. Also technology enables brands to create a better connection with the consumers. The aim of the app is to help consumers by providing them with product updates and advice on healthy eating, fitness and styling.

A 5 years financial plan has been created to show the success of the app. The app will break even in the second month of the app running. The reason for breaking even so quickly is the wide range of products the app will advertise for Selfridges.

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