Paulina Fecko

Paulina Fecko

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Fashion Business and Promotion


Is there a future for traditional catwalk in digital world? Could technology be the down-fall of the fashion show?
This collection displays my Dissertation and Final Major Project work focusing towards the Fashion Events - Productions Industry.
My final year at Birmingham City University has been solely focused on fashion shows and all elements that build the show. I have done extensive research focussed on buyers needs and investigated solutions for industry; particularly those facing difficulties regarding changing consumer behaviour.

For a really long time fashion weeks were associated with wealth and exclusivity. Only a few privileged people could get into front row and the rest of the world waited until the photo of ‘that dress’ was printed in a magazine that goes around the world. Nowadays, the growth of technology and popularity of social media have a significant impact on how the show are presented and reported all over the world. We live in a digital age, where shows are captured with smartphone pictures and live-streamed for the immediate use online. Brands need to act equally and quickly to adjust the customer’s needs.
Internet became and eye through which we look at the collections for the first time. Where is an emotional attachment? Could the growth of technology be a downfall of traditional catwalk?

The first landscape video shows my dissertation snapping best layout and graphic design pages as this is sector I will be interested to go into right after fashion event production. The second landscape video is a journey around my work for final major project, including business plan, website, brand style guide. The portrait video gives an insight to PFA app I created for final major project.

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