Palvi Williams

Palvi Williams

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018

Sensorial Spectrum


"Sensorial Spectrum will not only be an experience, but also an educational platform addressing issues surrounding mental health"

Throughout my 3 years at university particular modules that have influenced me include my Dissertation and Final Major Project (FMP). They have enabled me to discover fresh perspectives and gain a thorough understanding of various sectors, specifically an insight into the marketing sector. I have also achieved high proficiency in Adobe software, specifically InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I can work independently and collaboratively as required, and am comfortable working to tight time frames.

My dissertation, “The Application of Cultural Ideals to Lifestyle Retailing in Order to Address Mindfulness and Offer Advances to The Pursuit of Happiness in an Age of Anxiety” investigated ways of reducing anxiety with the potential of incorporating key concepts into everyday experiences in order to reach millennials in a way that fits in with their daily routine. I conducted primary research through focus groups, interviews and observations that were used to assess the understanding of mindfulness, cultural ideals and unique experiences. The results of this research indicated that there needs to be an increased awareness of anxiety; there is an openness to experiencing new concepts; and the integration of cultural ideals within lifestyle retailing would be a welcome possibility.

For my Final Major Project (FMP) I incorporated some of the ideas from my dissertation into a cross-sensory exhibition, Sensorial Spectrum, located in a modern contemporary art gallery in Cambridge, Kettle’s Yard. My concept was a journey through the art gallery with emphasis on each of the five senses (taste, touch, sound, sight, scent) with an underlying theme of mental health. Visitors will have the option to record their individual bio-metric responses using activity trackers. This exhibition builds on the strong ethos of Kettle’s Yard, by creating a platform for emerging artistic talent to produce modern and contemporary art which includes immersive experiences in order to engage the public in a novel, unique and exciting way.

Kettle’s Yard has a strong reputation for welcoming and engaging diverse audiences from all walks of life. The exhibition will attract a wide range of visitors, including tourists. The estimated increase in footfall is 300-500 visitors per day. Although there will be free entrance, revenue generated through spending in the café, shop and donations is expected to result in a modest profit of £2,817.00 - £4,817.00 over the six month duration.

I planned the entire event and designed the marketing strategy including advertising; signage, brand pack and artists’ guide. Adobe software was key to creating Sensorial Spectrum’s brand image. The whole package is a commercially viable prospect with a robust business plan and fits entirely within the ethos of the art gallery and with my personal career aspirations.

Career Path:
My experiences outside of university have influenced my chosen career path, as I have actively sought to gain a working knowledge of various sectors. I believe a good marketing strategy has to cut across all aspects of the business: for example, I have worked in a public-facing role at premium retailer French Connection; product developer at Humbug Design, menswear buyer at Whistles head office; social media content creator at Rila’s Wardrobe and J.Cordus Photography (both based in Chicago, USA) and e-commerce assistant at MyShuBox.I have also gained an interest in global political, financial, social and economic topics and have aligned my skill set with my personal interests in topical societal concerns, such as mental health and mindfulness.

Marketing has been prominent throughout all my experiences and has therefore influenced my career path, I would like to get involved in new ways of marketing for example, transparent branding as used by Everlane. I know my skills can be put to good use here and I can offer something new in this sector.

Video A: Sensorial Spectrum Promotional Video
Video B: Sensorial Spectrum Brand Pack
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