Paige Marie Hodgson Jones

Paige Marie Hodgson Jones

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Acne Design Studios

The work in this portfolio presents my interest in both buying and marketing roles in the fashion industry as university modules have provided me with an array of skills enabling me to be flexible with my career choice.

"Millennials expect to be able to change things. They want to be involved in the evolution of the product." The Business of Fashion (2018)

I am a graduate of Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons) at Birmingham City University. The modules within the course helped me develop skills in Trends Forecasting, Buying and Merchandising, Digital Branding, Marketing, PR, Events Management, Visual Merchandising and International Retailing. Throughout my time at university I found a particular interest in both Marketing and Buying modules, which led me to base my Final Major Project on marketing.

The 'hype' market is changing the way consumers shop as 2018 sees the increase in limited edition product drops and extortionately high resale prices. "The resale market for luxury handbags has increased from £5.1m in 2011 to £26m in 2016" Mintel (2017) implying that customers are purchasing exclusive items solely for the purpose of resale, causing exploitation for both suppliers and true consumers.

For my Final Major Project I created the app Acne Design Studios for the brand Acne Studios. The app incorporates Augmented Reality, which enables consumers to design and customise a personalised limited edition bag. The app is only available to exclusively download in certain cities each season as the Augmented Reality function allows consumers to collect features from the city to incorporate into the bag design. Influenced by the brand Yeezy, Acne Design Studios bag designs will be entered into an exclusive raffle where only 300 bags will be made. The customisation aspect of the app aims to encourage consumers to keep the products for themselves instead of purchasing to sell on the resale market.

I collaborated with graphic designer Tom McElroy for my Final Major Project. Working with Tom was beneficial for me as I learnt new techniques with graphic design. The end product was a promotional video for Acne Design Studios. As seen in the right hand video, the promotional video we made gives consumers an insight on how to use the app to create a bag.

The video on the left presents snippets from the range development book I created when studying Buying and Merchandising. I created a SS16 women's wear range for Whistles with the incorporation of the Encounter Culture trend off WGSN. Trend direction, catwalk direction and street style were all interpreted into warm summer colours, tropical patterns, various summer dresses and a range of different materials. Critical paths were also created to monitor key deadline dates for each stage in the product development process such as lead times and profit margins.

Video 1: Acne Design Studios business plan and marketing book
Video 2: Buying and Merchandising
Video 3: Acne Design Studios promotional video