Paige Armour

Paige Armour

Paige Armour

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Embroidered Textiles 2020

C E L E S T I (A) L (S T R O L O G Y)

Celesi(a)l(strology) is a collection that embraces the growing trend of zodiac symbolism and spirituality.

In an era of individuality and self-expression, astrology can provide a sense of unity and community - every human being has a star sign associated with their birthday, and similar to the feeling of finding a key-ring with your name or initial on it, it has become increasingly popular so seek out trinkets and accessories that visually express your zodiac sign.

Each astrological sign is placed into an elemental group - earth, air, water or fire. From this, I have created a selection of prints and motifs that explore these groups in more detail, using the birth stones connected to each sign to form unique and interesting colour palettes.

These prints are intended for light-weight spring/summer womenswear, steering astrology away from the typical dark/moody winter colour palette and giving it a bright new life with delicate, hand-finished embroidered details to add texture and playful tangibility.