Olivia McQueen

Olivia McQueen

Olivia McQueen

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Nip and Fab Marketing Strategy

“It would be a breath of fresh air to see a high street beauty brand provide such an inspiring experience for consumers, your concept delivers a wonderful and positive message” – Daniella Saunders, Caudalie UK PR

Fashion Business and Promotion graduate focused on pursuing a career in the Social Media and Marketing field. My final major project was curated to showcase my marketing skills and knowledge of social media and PR. Creating a hypothetical project in collaboration with beauty brand Nip and Fab to design a successful marketing strategy.

During my time at university, I have worked with several brands to create social media content and have seen how it can be crucial for brands and influence purchases, as I hope to work for a brand in the social media field in the future, I decided to create a marketing strategy using social media techniques in collaboration with a high street beauty brand as my Final Major Project.

This project reflects my knowledge about marketing and how well I can utilise social media platforms and celebrity influence to engage with consumers for a powerful marketing strategy. I created a business plan, a marketing plan, a one year financial plan, a product style guide and an App to support my concept, as well as collaborating with students and industry experts such as a Nip and Fab PR assistant.

Along with my interest in the social media field, I have a lot of work experience in events including working as a Platinum Hostess for an events company as well as working closely with a marketing consultant to assist with and model for events such as launch parties and brand re launches. The events management module during University stands out to me as one of my favourite modules as I got to work as a team and put on an event, I was able to apply my events experience to this as well as build on my team player skills and over come the challenges we faced. The event we put on as a group was filmed which can be seen on my portfolio page.