Olivia Kate Donkin

Olivia Kate Donkin

Olivia Kate Donkin

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Tinker to Tailor

Throughout my degree I have had the chance to explore my interest in marketing and creative direction, from creating marketing campaigns to magazine layouts and social media content. This has led to my desire to pursue a career within marketing, specifically in a field that I am interested in; sustainability or health and fitness.

Final Major Project
Sustainability in fashion is more important now than ever. How can we alter the lifespan of our clothing instead of just how it has been produced?

In order to make change everyone needs to play their part. It was from this sentiment that Tinker to Tailor was born, a subscription service aimed at getting, men specifically, involved in mending and upcycling their clothing. The end goal? To create a community of consumers expressing their creativity, building their skills and extending the lifespan of their clothing.

Initial research focused on gender within fashion, emotions and stories conveyed through art and the way we attach meaning and emotions not only to clothing but other inanimate objects.

The business is a subscription service where each month customers will receive a kit focused on a new technique to practice on their clothing. The subscription box is also accompanied by an online social media platform where ideas can be shared, and online workshops can be attended.

This project allowed me to explore digital art in more depth and create unique marketing materials aimed at a diverse market, young fathers and their children.

My dissertation explored the concept that DIY fashion could be a viable method of creating a more sustainable industry by extending the lifespan of clothing. It featured brands that are currently offering repair services or workshops on dress making as well as the historical context of mending and how it has become a less common practice.

This project heavily inspired the Tinker to Tailor concept as it exposed gaps in the market around men as well as an opportunity for businesses to specifically think about the afterlife of garments, not just the production.