Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Pause: Re-educate. Empower. Redefine.

BA (hons) Fashion Business & Promotion graduate aspiring to pursue a career in marketing.

Sustainable Outlook

My degree in BA (hons) Fashion Business and Promotion has allowed me to gain a plethora of personal and practical skills in an array of industry areas: from marketing and PR, to events, to trends forecasting, to buying and merchandising. As a result, I would like to pursue a career in marketing, particularly a role in which there is a meaningful cause. Both sustainability and equality have been tropes throughout my work at university and are also values that I try to implement in my personal life. Therefore, I would like to work for a business which includes sustainable and ethical practise in their mission.

Independent Final Project

The initial inspiration for my Independent Final Project was my dissertation titled 'The pernicious influence of fashion consumption: how consumption plays a detrimental role in shaping feminine norms and consumer behaviour', which explored both the damaging stereotypes that are forced on women and the targeted consumer behaviour within the fashion industry. The study revealed the lasting impacts of fashion consumption on the consumer, the progression made and provided potential resolutions to this feminist issue.

Throughout the dissertation and thereafter, research into feminist topics, such as women's health, uncovered the detrimental reality of society today. Although half of the population experience health conditions, such as menopause, the conversation has been left silent and traditional education has fallen short. Therefore, an inevitable passion to bring about change and to provide young women with the education they deserve was quickly apparent. This inspired the creation of Pause.

The Pause website offers educational resources in an engaging, social media-like format, created to specifically target the young female consumer. The resources openly discuss a plethora of women's health topics in a variety of formats - blog posts, podcasts, webinars and more - to spark thought and conversation amongst users. The promotional material directly communicates the Pause mission to the key consumer through careful marketing tactics and research consideration. The aim of the project was to encourage consumers to pause – take time to learn about their health – and then hit play – converse and live more openly.