olivia gregory

olivia gregory

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Olivia Mary Ann Gregory

All About Me

My Time At BCU:

Fashion Business and Promotion has given me the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge into many different industries and sectors, Including my now desired career roles of: Events Management or Marketing and Public Relations.

Marketing and Public Relations:
This module was to create a marketing campaign focusing on an issue of your choice, I chose 'the addiction of social media' and the effects this has on the Millennial and Generation Z generation groups. This project required an academic report, including marketing mock-ups and a concept of the PR stunt, and a verbal presentation. This module developed and encouraged independent research on a chosen topic area, whilst constructing a correct marketing and PR strategy.

Events Management:
Events was a second-year module which was a team effort, including me and 7 other members. As a team we were all individually given different job titles and had to plan, organise and carry out an event of our own starting with a £0 budget.
This was in aid to raise as much money for the local charity Saint Basils, whilst also breaking even from the money which we fundraised and spent on holding the event. Our events company name was ‘Rel-events’ and we held a blogger style/ influencer event attracting over 100 guests and raising a total of £1255.55 (after breaking even) for our charity Saint Basils. The event plan involved: marketing, sponsorship, fundraising, finance, promotion and PR.

Final Major Project:
The final major project research document and business plan was developed to evidently show the analysis and justification of an animal therapy charity group. This therapy group was set up with the concept that it would be available to males only, who are suffering with mental health related issues, this charity was called ‘MBF’ (Man’s Best friend). This project was independently led, starting with the research document and ideation process resulting to the concept and justification of why this was your idea/ business, showing marketing mock-ups and outcomes of this.
After extensive research and analysis showing enough to support the concept thoroughly, we moved to writing the 3000-word business plan covering areas from finance, to operations, consumer, competitor, key drivers and a marketing strategy.