Olivia Grace Waites

Olivia Grace Waites

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Independent Final Project >>

The Collective Project >>

Collective is a unique response to offer a safe and creative digital youth club for young people to be seen and heard in a society plagued with austerity and failing government strategies. A place to belong and connect with a supportive journey individually tailored to reinforce stability and direction.

Collective was developed to make a stand against knife crime and reshape the generation of the future, allowing access to vital youth services which are currently becoming a distant memory. By creating an independent platform it has captured all elements of youth development, exploring how to support the young person rather than stereotype individuals based on associations and presence. Understanding the real root causes of knife crime.

Collective is aimed at young people aged 12 - 24, all who are directly impacted by the closure of youth centres and the lack of support for young people. They also fall into the category of the most at risk to knife related crime.

Dissertation >>

My Dissertation, what is the relationship between youth culture, knife crime and streetwear exploring its influences on young men, highlighted a correlation between fashion choices and behaviour. Understanding the psychology of fashion and the hidden associations with streetwear that may be visible to see but difficult to determine.

The focus of this study was to understand the severity of knife crime, an increasing issue the government is ignoring. Understanding the link to fashion and why there is a stereotype surrounding streetwear, especially the use of the hoodie.

Through research the investigations into the lifestyle of a young male highlighted important factors at the forefront of the epidemic exploring toxic masculinity, the influence of music and social media.

Research concluded that clothing is important in creating identity and belonging with specific styles worn becoming a stereotype to policing powers, communities and the government. Young people feel ignored and disproportionately targeted leading to mistrust in the government fuelling the disregard to the justice system.

About me >>

A curious mind with an active interest in the evolving economic and societal issues we face today finding hidden associations within the fashion industry, developing a strong sense of commercial awareness. I have a strong interest in the psychology of fashion allowing me to establish a vast understanding of the consumer. Demonstrating this in my experience in event management. Building relationships with a diverse range of individuals. I am looking to make my mark in the PR and Events industry.