Olivia Esme Wynn

Olivia Esme Wynn

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Perception / Final independent Project


An app concept that was designed through the ideation, app journey and the brands social media to show that not everything on the internet is reality. With key brand values such as, educate, influence and convenience. These are to vital to the brands ethos and foundations to become successful in a time when mental health is worsening through a global pandemic.
The mission through the app is to ‘bring reality and self-acceptance to people by our service, by identifying photo manipulation’ by doing this Perception will help achieve healing the younger generation’s mental health and keeping them save online. Perception app allows the user to upload images and analyses them to see if they have been edited. This being first in the market that actually works and has no major competitors when first enters the market also. The app works well if the increase use of social media through lockdown but also, is a ‘try to be’ cure for poor mental health due to this social media increase.

The app development plan, which involved sourcing the correct and efficient developers, while organising lead times. Perceptions marketing strategy and app launch was heavily based on planning structured events such as online and real life launches which is the avenue of events production works well with. Coinciding with social media to help follow, support and attended the app launch event. Organising events by sourcing suppliers, venues, consumer research and customer attraction. Dealing with lead times and managing them to finish at the same times to successfully create an app in time for an event that will be ready in time.