Olivia Alison McDermott Liddle

Olivia Alison McDermott Liddle

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



'In order to successfully engage with the reader, independent magazines should be produced by passionate people who have something unique and necessary to say.' - Ruth Jamieson

I am a recent graduate of the BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion course at Birmingham City University. I have a strong interest in journalism, the creative arts, politics and consumer culture. Throughout my final year at university my work has had a clear focus on the magazine industry.

My dissertation was entitled ‘Print Media at the Crossroads: An Investigation into the Current State of the Magazine Market’. It included chapters on the history of magazines, new ideas and practices within independent publications, how the online world has revolutionised the way we interact with print, the influence of consumer behaviour and how magazines have incorporated new technology.

For my Final Major Project (FMP), I was keen to merge my interests in journalism and art to create an innovative, exciting concept that was both educational and inspiring. Slow Journalism is a term that I discovered during my dissertation, and is now a form of journalism about which I feel passionate. For my FMP I curated a hypothetical exhibition entitled ‘SLOW’ which was to be shown at the Design Museum. ‘SLOW’ provided immersive, sensory experiences to explain and advocate the need for slow journalism, taking the visitor on a journey through six rooms demonstrating the difference between fast, headline-grabbing news and a more considered approach to news journalism. The exhibition aimed to encourage the visitor to think about how they consume news, and to question the authenticity of stories they hear from the media. The purpose of the exhibition was to encourage the visitor to seek out journalism which is credible, honest and valid, and in so-doing, acquire a more rounded, intelligent and informed world view.

Alongside completing my final year modules I have been working as an Editorial Assistant at MAT_ER Magazine. MAT_ER is an independent publication produced by students and staff from Birmingham City University. The publication is a digest of consumer culture with strong visual and editorial content. As part of my role I am in regular contact with film-makers, photographers, artists and designers, conducting in-depth research, developing interview ideas and questions, and assisting with content for the publication.

My ambition is to work for an independent publication, learning about the development processes of the magazine industry and to enhance my journalistic voice and style. I would like to contribute with research and content, and work my way up within a publication to ultimately work as an editor, so that the magazine can reflect my passions and vision. I want to work for a publication that is inspiring, relevant, creative and intelligent, promoting investigative journalism and producing stimulating, visually arresting content.

Video 1 (Top): Final Major Project Concept/Exhibition Overview.
Video 2 (Left): MAT_ER Magazine Extracts.
Video 3 (Right): Dissertation Flick Through.