Oliver Southall

Oliver Southall

Oliver Southall

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021



I am a creative & driven individual currently graduating my BA (Hons) in Fashion Business & Promotion at Birmingham City University aspiring to work within Fashion Buying & Trend Forecasting. The scope of this course has lead me through new depths of innovative research resulting in a passion for future fashion working with Technology or Sustainability. A range of modules has taught me valuable communication and research skills, as well as an in-depth understanding of multiple roles & responsibilities within the Fashion Industry.

Independent Final Project:

A complete concept was developed for my Independent Final Project as a continued exploration of the growing consumption of technology as a result Covid-19. The concept focused on creating a modern solution for battling mental health issues & mass techno-consumption as well as filling a huge gap in the emerging Techno-Spiritual market. Research into the effects of Binaural audio on the brain & market leading technology drove the development of Sync - the first in-ear mindfulness device.

The finalised concept included a Business Plan outlining Sync’s overall activity from 2021-2023 & an Audiovisual experience as the complete visual outcome package for the concept. The Business Plan considered cross-industry analysis, target consumers, marketing methods, specific financial operations & an operational strategy. The Audiovisual experience encompasses all Binaural audio outcomes together to cohere with the final Sync 3D product renders, marketing material across Instagram & YouTube, physical advertisement & complete mobile app demonstration. Through utilising a voiceover, the audio & visual elements were brought together to deliver the authentic Sync experience.

Trend Forecasting:

This module was a research study into creating solutions for current issues specifically identified in the industry. “How 3D Printed Fashion Will Improve Sustainability” was an in-depth study into creating a modern solution to minimising waste within the industry through up-cycling ocean waste into 3D printed clothing. This module introduced new depths of innovative research & drove my passion for creating solutions to issues within the industry considering modern technology & environmental impacts.

Buying & Merchandising:

The Buying module was assigned under George, ASDA, to research into their current & competitive market & consumer across different geographical locations to determine a 6 piece collection. A women’s activewear collection was developed utilising a range of trending key shapes, colours & materials in strive to connect George with a new, younger target demographic. Remoulding the George consumer based off primary research & current trends was particularly insightful & particularly developed my skills in market research & 3D CAD development.