Octavia Jade Homans

Octavia Jade Homans

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Illuminate

Call it ‘eco-fashion’ if you like, but I think it’s just common sense - Livia Firth
To start a fashion revolution. To inform consumers about the ethical credentials of the clothing they purchase and the journey in which their clothes have taken
Illuminate. An app to help encourage consumers to question the origins of their clothing through the use of innovative technology. In a world where fast fashion is more prominent than ever, the detrimental impact this throwaway mindset is having on our planet is becoming increasingly concerning.

Dissertation research revealed the need for an exciting and interactive approach to informing consumers of the ethical credentials of their clothing and the brands in which they are purchased. Illuminate cleverly identifies and ranks garments based on an ethical criteria including sustainability of fabrics, workers conditions and carbon footprint. This information is accessed through the Illuminate app which consumers will firstly download onto their smartphone to enable them to scan garments in Illuminate certified retailers.

This concept will initially be targeting primarily females from generation Y. These are the primary consumers of fast fashion but also a generation which are somewhat impressionable.

Through the use of three marketing techniques, online, in store and third party promos & events, Illuminate will eventually be able to target a much wider consumer base. Putting the product out there in public will generate footfall from customers which may not have previously been interested in such a concept.

By making this information easily accessible to consumers it could revolutionise the way we shop and motivate customers to further consider their shopping habits.

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