Noah Corbett

Noah Corbett

Noah Corbett

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Womenswear 2020



As a designer, I often aim to draw parallels between something visual or superficial and something functional or philosophical. This frequently results in designs that take something with a practical, utilitarian use, and re-purpose it in an almost Dadaist manner as something visual and purely decorative. One of the main methods that I use to illustrate these juxtapositions is through print design as it allows me to combine two themes in a harmonious visual and gives me a way to channel my concept through my style. Prior to university, I came from an art background; many of my inspirations come from modern art movements and 20th century history.

f-UTILITY is a collection commenting on the age of consumerism, and the propaganda-like nature of modern product marketing. Capitalist culture means that anything "new" appears as necessity regardless of whether it actually has a use or not, and the fashion industry is one of the worst offenders in this. Throughout the development of this project I look at the parallels between late 20th advertisement and Soviet Union era propaganda, while also looking at the techniques advertise used to market useless pieces of plastic to the masses. I was also heavily influenced by Chindogu, the Japanese art of useless inventions, which I see as a comment on post war consumerism and the marketing technique of inventing faux solutions to non-existent problems. Through print design, useless sleeves, upside down pockets and silicone molding, I have aimed to encapsulate uselessness in an over-saturated and Surrealist light and remove the function from functionality.