Ning Pan

Ning Pan

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



To Provide a ‘ la zy but peer to peer tailored’ cloth shopping experience
to make the clients to have more oppo rtunities to capture the newest fashion
The business idea and the services:
The ‘ Vivi Clothing’ is a smart application to provide the
best fashion c loth s hopping experience but i n the ‘lazy
way’. As the shopping experience i s that t urn on t he
application, s ay w hat i s the newest fashion on t his
summer wear. The ‘ Siri Function’ will guide you to a list
of fashion designers by clicking their profile to visit their
online shops to find the best collection for you, or if you
have any special requirements, contact t he designer t o
get the tailored service. After t hat put your order and
wait till our delivery come.

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