Niki Tan Binti Danial Tan

Niki Tan Binti Danial Tan

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Boohoo ARkit

"Try it, Share it, Shop it"

"Technological innovations have the potential to dramatically modify retail landscape" [Hopping, 2000]

Augmented reality[AR] technology have emerged as an important platform in the fashion industry as today, consumers are experiencing new ways of engaging with brands, new ways to enhance shopping experience, also experiencing different approach of being served. The retail sector in fashion brands are currently exploring innovative methods to enhance consumer satisfaction through the conveyance of technology integrated into the entire retail process.

Based on my dissertation topic, “Augmented and Virtual reality technology shaping the future of fashion”, the Final Major Project explored a brand new innovation called Boohoo ARkit. A project collaboration between Boohoo fashion brand and an AR technology camera app, Lumyer aiming to make mobile online shopping more convenient, with special focus on the interaction between the way retailers engage brand’s story through integrating with an AR technology. The partnership is positioned to increase sales by bringing the try-before-buying concept into online platforms leading to reducing return rates and removing the uncertainty to purchase a product online. With this collaboration, AR technology is helping customers become more confident in their buying decisions as the customers want to know exactly what they are purchasing online. Boohoo ARkit looks to target Generation Z and Millennials as these groups are categorize as the digitalized population, hence heavily influenced by technology. They are fond in using mobile devices to browse all social media platforms and would do mobile online shopping often.

Boohoo ARkit truly does shape the future of how consumer shops online in the digitalized era as it provides a brand engaging, seamless mobile commerce experience and the present review of it makes a number of contribution to the fashion industry. This significantly proves that AR technology creates a great interactive environment between the brand and retailers as it establish a deep connection between product demand and consumer’s desires.