Nicole Barclay

Nicole Barclay

Nicole Barclay

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Printed Textiles and Surface Design 2020

Saving Our Ocean's Wave

Saving Our Ocean’s Wave was created with supporting information from a dissertation looking at sustainability in textiles, focusing on recycling fabrics and eco-friendly materials.

Research suggests that sustainability within the textile industry is addressed towards the fashion industry but appears to be overlooked in the home and in interiors. The textile industry is one of the most pollutant trades globally which needs to be articulated to a wide audience. Consumers seem to be oblivious to this by continuing to shop which creates a demand that then needs to be met. This means designers need to be creating sustainable alternatives and options for consumers. Therefore, this project showcases ethical approaches to home-wear design by incorporating off cuts, waste and eco-friendly fabrics.

This interior collection targets a family audience, creating designs for children aiming to raise awareness for saving oceans. By creating fun interiors, families can be educated about marine wildlife due to sensitive colour combinations as pops of colour such as corals and yellows will represent the fading away of the ecosystem due to human disruption. The designs have been printed onto a range of sustainable options for example, recycled fabrics as well as bamboo and other natural fibres, whilst also attempting to subtly educate the families about the use of sustainable materials.

The designs featured in the collection have been digitally printed and worked on top of, keeping in mind sustainable approaches. An example of this is considering how to apply long lasting and durable texture which is why wallpaper samples will have flocked sections of detail rather than applications such as puff binder which would rub off and not last. Off-cuts will also allow unique end results as different fabric types take colour in different ways creating a variety of outcomes.