Natasha Perry

Natasha Perry

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Everything Festival

Music Festivals create a euphoric environment as well as producing diversity by bringing different sub cultures together.
Good times, good music, good memories
Everything Festival is a five day indoor experience which gives the consumers the chance to feel like they are at a festival. This event sells a variety of product such as clothes, tents and food but it also has live music and workshops. This diverse event caters for all types of ages and is recommended for any one who is a music festival fanatic. Everything Festival wants to give customers the opportunity to do all their festival shopping in one go as due to primary research, this is usually done in several trips. This festival wants helps to produce a unique atmosphere before the festival period begins. A large majority of attendees go to festivals to escape from any problems at work or home. Therefore, this event wants to help relax consumers and create freedom for the day. It is called Everything Festival because it sells everything you can purchase for a festival under one roof, alongside other facilities such as workshops, live music and food you would find at a festival.

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