Natalia Linda Dang

Natalia Linda Dang

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Personal Profile

Fashion Branding & Communication graduate and inspired entrepreneur focusing on brand strategy and development with a strong understanding of social media. Endeavour, dedication, and focus to all activities and tasks undertaken both in academic, as well as extra-curriculum pursuits. Determined to learn and practice the skills needed to become successful in the chosen sector. Seeking an internship in the branding sector that would allow the analytical & problem-solving mindset to grow and flourish.

I am a graduate that is deeply intrigued by brand creation and strategies, and how they influence the consumers as well as the society. The want to develop the strategic thinking and content creation skills is influencing there shifts ignites the intrigue. This encouraged me to create two existing brands: NK Atelier & KN Live.

KN Live is an e-commerce brand specialising in womenswear and accessories retail that is using Live Broadcast Videos on social media to present their products as well as boost up the sales. More about the brand you can find here:

NK Atelier is a brand extension idea from KN Live and its development is in progress. The brand specialises in womenswear and accessories wholesale that is using the same Live broadcast technique. The idea for NK Atelier came from creating an opportunity from a serious threat. KN Live has experiences an enormous amount of competition growing every month, as well as noticed most of the competition struggle with the exportation of products, therefore the wholesale extension manifests the competition into the consumer based alongside understanding their needs and wants first-hand. More about the brand you can find here:

The brand creation has helped me manifest my entrepreneur aspirations and abilities. I have become entrepreneurial director proven in her ability to enhance the operational efficiency, customer service and ultimately profitability of business spanning the last at 3 years.