Naomi Rowaiye

Naomi Rowaiye

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



For the people, by the people.

"The key element to managing diversity is that people must be understood as individuals rather than social group members." (Chilangwa Farmer, 2016)

The.Entrepreneur.Club is fashions first business-to-business platform supporting women of colour entrepreneurs, both physically and virtually. The platform responds to a time period where the parameters of space for minority groups are constantly shifting and a true representation of themselves is sought after through environments validating their experiences. Valuable tools (a mobile hub, podcast, mobile application and website) enhance their business practises and propel independent businesses into success, by taking intended users through an omni-channel journey.

The.Entrepreneur.Club was built to eradicate the significant differences women of colour face in their entrepreneurial journeys, an overly extended issue for women of colour operating within the fashion arena (Rowaiye, 2019). Interviews conducted in my dissertation 'The Beauty Industry, Millennial Women of Colour & The Greater Good', with fashion lifestyle professionals identifying as women of colour, highlighted a common thread in experiences. Individuals often encountered impostor syndrome, exclusion and lack of available resources (i.e. finance and authentic support networks) within their diverse lifestyles, multiple professions, roles and skills. It is evident that a response is needed to combat this issue within the fashion arena.

The.Entrepreneur.Club has been developed for the Multi-hyphenates, who regardless of their background (i.e. age, socio-economic level or citizenship status) are aware of the difficulties faced when entering a number of markets in the business-to-business fashion arena. The Multi-hyphenates encompasses a number of entrepreneurial women of colour in the UK, who have always been understood as social group members, but seek to be valued as individuals with similar agendas in their entrepreneurial business practises. Each touchpoint in The.Entrepreneur.Club omni-channel journey emphasises the Multi-hyphenates key values, harbouring networking, communities, longevity of available resources, inclusive safe spaces and the future to empower, break barriers and create success stories.

The.Entrepreneur.Club is for the people, by the people.

The final outcomes for the Final Major Project included a mobile application, a style and brand guide, a website, a podcast and business plan. These stages have been developed for the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs 2020, for an investment of £50,000 and business mentorship worth £100,000.