Naomi Onanuga

Naomi Onanuga

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Naomi Onanuga Portfolio

"Being an African does not mean I was born in Africa. It means I have embraced my culture and acknowledged my worth"

A recent graduate of BA (Hons) Fashion, Business and Promotion. Throughout the three years spent at Birmingham City University, a various amount of profitable skills have been gained throughout the numerous modules. These include the use of software such as InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Excel and After Effects. I am aspiring to gain a role in public relations and marketing, with a particular interest in the Fashion sector.

For my dissertation, I explored African culture and thoroughly analysed the historical background behind where African fashion in the UK has evolved from. The aim was to gauge an understanding of complexities and influences behind the African lifestyles which have influenced African fashion in the UK. Additionally investigating the current attraction of African culture and how it has been implemented into many commercial forms appropriated for profitable gain. Surveys focus groups and Interviews were used to analyse participants understanding of what their opinions on what African culture is and whether people within the fashion industry have overstepped boundaries, helping to provide a more in-depth argument.

Following the conclusions contrived and appropriate recommendations made from the dissertation research, I decided to work on an African streetwear brand Jekkah. Producing a business plan which outlined the brand's twelve-month financial forecasts and a marketing plan for a proposed pop up store launch, website extension and Mr Eazi collaboration. The concept to start a pop-up store was facilitated by the need to provide a platform where they interact and gain knowledge on the significance of culture.

A website extension was also created to improve the whole shopping experience both online and in-store at Jekkah. The new improved website will be easy to navigate for users and compose engaging content for each section of the website that creates a fluid experience, reinforcing and complementing the one customer would receive in store. It seeks to educate current and new consumers on African Culture and create more awareness for the brand.