Nailah Iqbal

Nailah Iqbal

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2017

TITLE: Schadenfreude


'HARM' and 'JOY'
My concept of Schadenfreude comes from meaning ‘harm’ and ‘joy’ explores the illicit influences we are exposed to in our youth, the balance of culture, faith and expectations, the idea of concealment. All elements combined that mould into who I am today. To push the boundaries against the idea of innocence.

Through this I have explored the subject of infantilisation of women in society, physically, emotionally and sexually. Why is there an importance to retaining the youth in women? Reflecting upon schadenfreude of the product of which culture and society has created through their disturbing fascination of the provocative mind set of the infantilisation of women.

Are these the influences of which we are exposed to throughout our youth, distorting and manipulating innocence, putting into play the product created by society. We become the words we have been pre-defined by, to thinking we are breaking and pushing the boundaries in order to redefine youth, carrying the concept of youth into our adolescence with continuous reflection of the schadenfreude caused through the infantilisation of women.

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