Molly Nicholson

Molly Nicholson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: LBRT Cosmetics.


Authenticity. Quality. Inclusivity. Cruelty Free.
“This hyper-individual generation who are constructing their identity in fashion and make-up outside of their traditional gender buckets." - WGSN
Generation Z is living in a time of global unrest. How does this reflect in what they need as consumers? Trust in large corporations is no longer granted, and brands have to work harder to connect with this demographic. This unique consumer, despite growing up in turbulent times, is tolerant and accepting with strong ethical values. This generation are digital natives; they have never known a world without the Internet, smartphones and social media. It is easier than ever to spread your values and become an activist online and gain large followings for doing so. Brands need to mirror this and be authentic and transparent to reach this consumer, promoting their own ethical stance to connect with Generation Z in a way that’s bigger than just selling to them.

This research is embodied by LBRT cosmetics, a new beauty concept launching online. LBRT is gender fluid, using male and female models and marketed with neither gender in mind. It is manufactured completely cruelty free and eco friendly, reflecting the consumers’ attitude towards these issues. The brand aims to abolish the stereotypes in the beauty industry, no retouching, no unrealistic imagery, and everyone is welcome. The brand will be vocal about their strong values and build a relationship with their consumer as well as communicating their fashion forward brand identity and products.

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