Molly Millin

Molly Millin

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Fashion Business and Promotion Graduate BA (Hons) looking for a buying or creative role in the fashion industry

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”- Maya Angelou

A recent graduate from BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion, aspiring for a career in buying or a creative role in industry such as an artworker. Over the past three years, I have become inspired by a new generation of style and creative perception which has influenced me to break out of my comfort zone and produce unique pieces of work. I thrive off creating new ideas and concepts to suit consumers and brands as it allows me to research into interesting topics and discover new ways of compiling relevant stories together.

Trends Forecasting:
Trend Forecasting is the process of translating information across historical, cultural, social, technological, political factors into a visual direction for the future. This module aimed to focus on detecting changes in the zeitgeist through scanning primary and secondary sources to compile a sketchbook and digitally interactive document. The sketchbook summarised the chosen consumer and tribe whereas, the digital document provided a manifesto on how this trend could be applied to a sector in the industry and the one chosen was fashion clothing.

Buying and Merchandising:
This module was a live industry project with George at Asda which had a requirement of creating a range book for spring/summer 2020 as well as a ten minute presentation of the key parts within the range. The overall range created was a womenswear capsule wardrobe developed on Adobe Illustrator with a critical path developed on Microsoft Excel alongside the collection. I was chosen as one of the seven students to present to George head office which was an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

Independent Final Project:
For the independent final project, a magazine was developed to address the issue of deteriorating mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic causing self-destructive tendencies and to fix this mindset using the ideation of the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi. This project required multiple collaborations to develop a new perception of the topics that were being discussed and different types of therapy and methods to overcome a negative mindset. The overall outcomes were a website which would be updated every quarter of the year as well as an annual print magazine.