Molly-May Williams

Molly-May Williams

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



This collection displays my Dissertation, Final Major Project and App Interface from my Final Major Project.

"People are increasingly treating their pets as humans, relying on them for companionship and gaining a sense of fulfilment".

I am a recent graduate of Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons), from Birmingham City University. I have a keen interest in the marketing side of fashion. Throughout my three years at University I have developed skills in a variety of roles, such as: Buying and Merchandising, Trends Forecasting, International Retailing, Visual Merchandising and Marketing and PR. However, throughout my three years I have gained a strong passion for Marketing which helped influence my Dissertation and Final Major Project.

My dissertation was titled ‘Is the house hold pet the fifth consumer?’ which investigated how marketers are focusing more on marketing towards pets to gain the attention of their owners. It explored how consumers are now revolving their lives and shopping habits around their pets. It also explored how some consumers are now feeling the need of owning a pet as a source of companionship. In recent years the growth of pets within the UK has risen rapidly and consumer have become the main focus of marketers, however a new form of marketing towards pets is in demand. Humanisation is the new buzz word for marketers, describing the bond between owners and their pets. The popularity of humanisation of pets will be a powerful force within marketing. One trend which has become popular with marketers is the health and wellbeing of both owners and their pets. Keeping healthy and active has become a popular lifestyle trend for many dog owners by using fitness trackers.

For my Final major Project, I was keen to take the findings from my Dissertation and apply them to an already established human health tracker brand. I chose the brand Garmin who are already frontrunners in the human health trackers they sell, so introducing a pet and human joint fitness tracker was an obvious step for the brand and they already sell a limited range of pet products to their American market. The concept of the pet and owner joint fitness tracker was therefore named ‘Wag ‘N Walk’ which focused on the bond between owners and their pets. ‘Wag ‘N Walk’ gives the consumer the feeling of being more connected to their pet.

Throughout my three years at Birmingham City University, I have had a strong interest in the marketing sector and have particularly enjoyed modules from this field, such as; Marketing, Branding and PR as well as international Retailing. In the future I hope to excel in a Marketing and PR role at a fashion house and to be able to showcase my skills that I have learnt through Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons).