Molly May Bradford

Molly May Bradford

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Investigation into over purchasing.

Investigation into over purchasing and it's influencers of women.

“In the 1930’s the average woman ownded around 36 items of clothing. Now days women own around 120 items but 80% goes untouched. In stead of flash and glamour we now want practical items that we value”, Forbes UK.

Dissertation- “Investigation into fashion retail marketing and its influences on consumerism, over purchasing and depression and what needs to improve.”

Women in today’s society often over spend and over purchase, they have a habit of going into store and buying items them don’t necessarily need or want. Sometimes the women are over whelmed by marketing techniques, causing them to make these unnecessary purchases, other times it’s mental health issues which can cause depression and low self-esteem. In my dissertation I investigated this and found an outcome that shows, women with depression and low self-esteem are more likely to over purchase, in order to make themselves feel better and happy again.

After my dissertation I came up with a solution to help this issue for my FMP. My solution was creating Capsule Wardrobe, a subscription box that helps women understand how to dress and realise that they don’t need thousands of clothing pieces all the same. By having a mixture of style tips and personal videos, the aim is to help women not overspend. The idea is to have on trend key pieces delivered to your door with outfit builds to help you dress for different occassions. I created the marketing strategy to go along side this to showcase how social media and the website will look.

This project showcases both business and creative skills, I am seeking a career in Fashion Personal Styling which uses both of these traits.