Molly Denham

Molly Denham

Molly Denham

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2018


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A coffee table book created to inspire and evoke conversation without dictating direction or thought

A collaboration of artists personal interpertation of the concept Youth Culture

As a fashion communications student, I am interested in multiple areas of communications including art direction, photography, menswear styling and graphic design.

For my FMP I created a thought provoking coffee table book, designed to inspire conversation without dictating direction or thought. For this I collaborated with multiple young artists showcasing their work throughout the book.

As part of my own work towards the book, I started to create documentary style photography shoots around concepts which were personal to me and close friends. I chose documentary style photography as I wanted the book to be honest and natural and therefore didn’t want to dictate what was being photographed.

All work for my FMP was created around the concept ‘youth culture’, this theme was left as open as possible for the contributing artists as I wanted them to take their work in a personal direction.
Molly Denham