Molly Burcham

Molly Burcham

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Formation

Future marketing trends are focused on an advanced emphasis on existing platforms within social media and technology; brands are adapting their marketing to suit this digital age.
We live in a digital world, in fashion, retailers are constantly seeking new ways to offer multi-channel experiences and creating innovative design concepts for the consumer. With customers constantly on the go, moving backwards and forwards between in store spaces, their phones and computers; it is now more important than ever for brands to reach their consumer at all sources and at the same time.
Currently studying on the BA(hons) Fashion business and promotion at Birmingham City University. My passion and interests are in marketing and branding through the exploration of visual communication and graphic design. Throughout my time studying, I have been drawn to the creativity within the modules, finding myself driven by the modules and roles which allowed for more application of creativity. I have hopes to develop my practice next year through a Masters in Fashion Graphics. I am particularly interested in the use of visual communication to reach out to the consumer through branding, brand strategy and creativity.

For my final major project, I created a new health and fitness hub called ‘Formation’. Formation was a new fitness and lifestyle brand tailored mainly at millennial females, with a strong focus on music throughout.

The outcomes of my final major project included; a business plan, marketing plan and the branding for the new concept business including; poster designs, flyer designs, social media presence, menus and a timetable. The project allowed for me to completely brand the concept business, which enabled me to apply my creativity and produce work which represented my ideas as an individual.

Research from my dissertation led me to the development of my final major project. My dissertation assessed the sportswear market, and why it is now the largest sector in the fashion industry. I have always loved sportswear and I enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle, this led me to look into the concept of fitness hubs within the UK, and I established that there was a gap in the market for an accessible fitness hub for millennial females in the mid-price market. Through my final major project, my main focus was on how the hub would be branded and marketed to its target consumer.


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