Mollie Megan Pearson

Mollie Megan Pearson

Mollie Megan Pearson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Coffee with a Conscience

“Consumers want the companies they support to harness their power for good, not lay back and let injustices happen” (Swenson and Swenson, 2018).

In a selfish world Coffee with a Conscience seeks out activist to raise awareness of social issues.

A motivated graduate in BA Hons Fashion Business and Promotion, with an ambition to explore the marketing sector within the fashion industry. In particular brand marketing, with determination to succeed and a desire to widen my knowledge and skills within marketing.

Showing my enthusiasm for marketing I have already begun my marketing carer with employment as a marketing assistant, whilst studying. Obtaining 5 months experience.

Dissertation - "How will the fourth wave of feminism shape the future of marketing to females".

In an age where feminism should have reached its goal of complete gender equilibrium, present day social matters entail a battle that has not yet been won.
The purpose of the study is to determine if a fourth wave of feminism is arising predominantly within the generation millennials and to recognise how the marketing industry can market to females successfully rather than in a derogatory manner, that history has proven. The study takes into consideration a new consumer entitled ACTillennials. This consumer consists of millennials whose modern perspective of feminism is creating a fourth wave.
With a new wave in the prospects and running in sync a new consumer, the marketing industry must meet the new demands of feminism. Whilst the current day zeitgeist brings to light key social issues illuminating the need for feminism, marketing will need to develop in order to seize the new consumer.
At the same time feminism is evolving far more than just female issues, the movement now shows signs of addressing all social matters. Marketing techniques towards females will become outdated and marketing will need to become more advanced in order to meet the demands of this new age of feminism.

FMP- “Coffee with a Conscience”

Stemming from the dissertation research in particular the new consumer found, the researcher created “Coffee with a Conscience” a marketing campaign to spread awareness of social issues in independent coffee shops in Birmingham.

The Service
The aim of the service is to educate consumers as to a safe space for victims to seek advice. Whilst raising money for local charities. In a survey conducted by the researcher it found that “When asked how important it is to spread awareness of society issues the average answer was 5 meaning extremely important”. Proving how significant it is to consumers for brands to address social issues.

CWAC will raise awareness of social issues such as sexual harassment, feminism, LGBT, black lives matter, acid attacks and racism. The researcher met with Craig Bush co-owner of Faculty coffee he commented on the campaign “this is a really great campaign and there is such a need for it particularly within Birmingham”.

Key Features

1. Independent coffee shops have been chosen as a promotion technique for a reason to visit Birmingham. This links to the partnership with Visit Birmingham.
2. CWAC will work with Love Brum, who is a local charity and a funder, to choose charities each quarter.
3. CWAC will choose words relating to the certain awareness month/week and create stickers to stick on coffee cups as a talking point for consumers.
4. CWAC will have a special menu where consumers can order a drink, which discretely means they would like help with a certain social issue, depending on the drink ordered. The baristas will give the consumer advice on where to go to get help.
5. Consumers will be asked if they would like to donate 50p to the chosen charity of that quarter when paying for their drinks.
6. Within the website, consumers can become member of CWAC for a fee of £5 a month which will have benefits such as 10% discount off the coffee shops.

Video one
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Video 1- Promotion Video/Business Plan/Website for Coffee with a Conscience
Video 2- Dissertation
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