Mitesh Patel

Mitesh Patel

Mitesh Patel


Pathway: Design Menswear 2019


Reboot The Gentleman

Sharp tailoring is always on the fashion runway and this year colour, innovative prints, soft tailoring and athletic utility details are very much in evidence.

Tailoring is taking influences from sophisticated sportswear, refining and combining this with classic tailoring for an interesting look. The British Fashion Council staged an exhibition in Savile Row, London — the best of the British Tailoring industry and from that, it is clear that they are interested in displaying innovative work from fashion/ textile designers and artist that explores a range of diverse and creative interpretations on tailoring.

Everyday items and familiar categories are celebrated and altered, reflecting our fascination with photos and filters through social media. Genres and techniques can be layer dip or deleted to create sharply edited shapes and tailored sportswear silhouettes, or unexpected printed textiles and electric styling trends that feel almost accidental.

Reboot which suggests that there is a fault in a system, which needs to be restarted or wiped. The idea of rebooting in my context is creating a new image of a gentleman but having his old traits. This updated gentleman will have his new confident attitude who will adapt to a controversial modern-day society. Reboot the Gentlemen is new age masculinity that reflects style and poise.