Milly Rowe

Milly Rowe

Milly Rowe


Pathway: Design Menswear 2019



‘Fifty-2’ is a sportswear/workwear design project based on my dad’s passion for motocross sports.Throughout my childhood I would always go to see him race and 52 was his lucky number as the one scrolled across his motor bike and protective gear.

Both the number 52 and the protective garments became the bases of my design work, looking at how
aspects of these could be converted into functional garments and product types. Buckles and hardware detailing feature heavily as well as print work taken and adapted from old photos. The project shows one catwalk collection , shown on the Graduate Fashion Week catwalk, and another more commercial athleisure/streetwear collection.
Both collections focus on functionality and practicality, two key elements of the motocross ‘uniform’.