Millie Walford

Millie Walford

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Hygge

75% of 1000 university students had personally experienced some kind of emotional distress whilst at university.
I feel that Hygge could be extremely beneficial to students and to universities. There is a very good model behind this business and should definitely be made a reality" - Professor F. Church, Pro- Vice - Chancellor, Birmingham City University
Hygge is a franchise health & well-being club, offering classes to encourage a healthy lifestyle and mind with a sense of community and escapism. The club is designed for students and with it being based on campus’, it makes easily accessible and the classes will be put on at times that work around the university timetable. The aim of the business is to have a club available for students to exercise, socialise and unwind within the calming environment, improving individuals’ lifestyle and mind.

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