Milana Golubova

Milana Golubova

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020




I am a graduate of Fashion Branding and Communication (BA Honours). Currently, my goal is to seek out potential opportunities in the field of visual merchandising or the fashion styling industry. During my three-year degree, I developed a number of transferable skills ranging from styling for fashion photography, market analysis/trend forecasting as well as brand generation. These skills have pushed me to improve both my creative thought processes as well as my written and presenting skills and I believe this has helped me to narrow down and solidify my career path plans. Alongside my academic accomplishments, I worked part-time during the entirety of my studies and had the opportunity to also enhance my knowledge of how visual merchandising deco teams work, gaining first hand insight into the day to day processes.


During the second year, I was given the chance to showcase my styling, branding and research abilities as well as developing creative directing skills. Branding was of particular interest to me and I produced visually stunning posters which aimed to celebrate fashion culture through uniqueness and a visual style which was not only engaging, but ensured it effectively targeted the chosen consumer.


My final major project allowed me to display the wide range of skills accumulated and sharpened over the three years with a particular focus on my areas of expertise. I collaborated with a young modest fashion designer to help generate her brand from the ground up. This consisted of in-depth market analysis, a full range of promotional materials including logo, packaging, tags as well as a fully functional responsive website. The goal was to breakdown perceived barriers within modest fashion and for it to be embraced by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The inclusivity and diversity aimed for required the right styling and creative direction in order to portray the correct message.


My dissertation focused on modest fashion; a rapidly growing niche within the industry and companies were beginning to realise the importance of inclusiveness. Through primary and secondary research, I identified that despite the niche’s rapid growth, many brands were falling into the traps of cultural appropriation which often times resulted in negative backlash. I used academic studies to support my findings and was clearly able to show how brands culturally appropriate Asian and African clothing, labelling it as modest simply for profit. I then suggested ways brands could avoid this and be more inclusive.