Melissa Stone

Melissa Stone

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: ASOS:Showroom


ASOS:Showroom is a virtual reality collaboration with ASOS
ASOS:Showroom includes a virtual showroom on their website for their consumers to be able to shop in a three dimensional universe
Through one of the first module, Trends Forecasting, predicting that technology was an up and coming trend for bricks and mortar stores, it was interesting to find that my dissertation research two years later, would conclude the same. However two years later it would become more advanced technology, and shown to have opportunity to be spread across the online fashion sector. This technology was Virtual Reality.

My final major project concept, ASOS:Showroom, was an idea that came from speaking to focus groups and peers in dissertation, realising that their were certain barriers around online shopping and these reasons are why customers tend to want to stay shopping in stores. Although younger consumers through research were found to prefer online shopping, but found that it could be misleading and brands were not selling true representations of the garments. For example, once the garments were bought online, delivered and opened, they looked completely different to what was advertised online.

ASOS:Showroom is a virtual reality showroom adapted by ASOS, for their customers to have a new and three dimensional shopping experience. The showroom will be a ‘shop inside your own home’ which the customer can walk around and interact with the products and see them in incredible detail. It also brings multiple, new, different features such as ASOS launching their own brand of VR headsets, ASOS:Marketplace will have a new page which will include a dedicated space of VR headsets brands for consumers who want the best brands and #AsSeenOnMe has a new 3D twist, offering the customer more ways to connect and share their outfit posts.

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