COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021




Vegan and cruelty-free products

During my three years at university, it has become pretty evident that I would like to pursue a career in the marketing and pr industry. Having completed a Marketing and Pr module, helped me understand and gave me a clear insight into the key skills required in the industry such as branding, consumer awareness, marketing mix, SWOT analysis and more. Also, my experience as an intern in the industry made me more sure, confident and passionate about the job I want.
For the independent Final Project, VE-CONSCIOUS was created. VE-CONSCIOUS is a website and an active blog for vegan and cruelty-free based products. The concept revolves around the idea of creating a platform for conscious consumers where like-minded individuals can connect through a community created by the brand.
Veganism is a way of lifestyle which is beneficial for personal health, environment and animal welfare therefore it is trending and on a rise. VE-CONSCIOUS not only supports veganism through their products but also by donating to vegan charitable programmes and organisations such as VIVA.
Along with that VE-CONSCIOUS aims to make shopping easier for the consumer by helping them locate the product at the nearest store available, listing all the ingredients in the products for brand transparency and the blog includes tips and DIYs on how to make vegan products at home with simple and easily available ingredients making it affordable for everyone. The blog also includes articles and videos about the vegan lifestyle and the benefits that come with it including good physical and mental health.
During my time at university, I have developed skills in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Throughout my projects, I have conducted in-depth research on each topic, consumer behaviour whilst analysing and studying new trends. Conducting desk and primary research has helped me do my research in a more organised manner and has introduced me to new ideas and concepts. During my Events module, I learned how to work effectively and efficiently as a team member and other modules such as Marketing and PR helped me develop my communication skills whilst making me confident to deliver my ideas and thoughts.
My ideal career path is Marketing and PR and this project has allowed me to input my creative and academic skills to create a brand with different Marketing and PR strategies. I used substantial research methods, critical planning to put this project together. With innovative ideas and concepts, I was able to make a project that I can showcase to my potential employers.