Meghan Chatwin

Meghan Chatwin




Recent graduate from Birmingham City University with 5 years’ experience in building relationships with a diverse range of consumers. My history of working in the hospital & health care industry has given me the opportunity to develop my events management skills whilst raising money for charities such as St. Basils and MacMillan. Using the skills, experience and brand knowledge I have gained while studying my degree I am looking to make my mark in the PR industry.

By being the first generation to grow up In the digital age, I am hoping to apply my internet savvy knowledge to real-world situations. This creates a youthful vision which will bring innovative ideas to any brand I work alongside. As the course has equipped me with the knowledge to create my own brand, I hope that by 2020 I’m settled into a job beginning my journey to become a CEO of my own PR company.

Throughout the dissertation, "Exploitation of minors in the media” A new consumer tribe was identified which demonstrated a need for marketing the vulnerable digital native generation. The overall literature review highlighted the importance of educating and communicating; whilst with better communication humanity can be made aware of the dangers centred around sexualisation before issues arise. With acknowledgement for a need of better educational systems, I began to explore a gap in the market for a digital platform which promotes self-care and communication (Watson, 2019). The dissertation then enabled me to showcase my business skills within in-depth business plan and marketing pack for an upcoming mobile app business, Fuse. The main objective for Fuse was to create a space and service for the digital generation to further their friendships, as much research suggests we are losing touch with one another causing anxiety and isolation. Fuse hopes to inspire the generation to unite and become a world of WE rather than ME.

The first landscape as presented above shows the university journey of my assignments and how the work has manifested into level 5 work. Beginning with first year pieces from projects such as buying and merchandising pieces to second year work from visual merchandising. The final year visuals will present pieces from ‘competition and final major project’; two projects with significant value and importance. The portrait video allows users to view a digital video of an app development which demonstrates a range of skills using a selection software’s’. The final landscape video shows a short footage from one of the SketchUp designs created during third year.