Megan Rose Thomas

Megan Rose Thomas

Megan Rose Thomas

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Design for Performance 2018


When costume and technology collide...

‘CIRQUITRY’ is a project born out of the idea of combining the past with the future to create a unique spectacle.

Commissioned by RoguePlay Theatre to design a pair of costumes that celebrated the 250th Anniversary of Circus but also looked towards what the next 250 years can offer.

My personal passions of creating something unique and also exploring how boundaries can be pushed, was met with the same vision by my collaborative partner, Alex Davies. Together we were able to create a spectacle of lights that begin to show the endless possibilities that can occur when costume and technology collide.

These two particular costumes are to form part of a larger display that will take place at TILT Festival 2018. A circus and aerial theatre festival held annually in Birmingham. Hosted by Rogueplay, the culmination of this weekend long event will see my two costumes feature in a spectacular night of circus celebrations.

My inspiration stems back to the beginnings of the circus, at Philip Astley's Amphitheatre. I was drawn to the beautiful illustrations of the chandeliers and was keen to pay homage to these in my designs. I felt it would be a fitting tribute to Philip Astley, the founder of the modern circus, and would be the perfect fit to combine with my desire to create light up costumes.
Megan Rose Thomas