Megan Kimberley

Megan Kimberley

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Selfridges+

Omni-channel shoppers: The emerging retail reality
Retail marketers must connect with their consumers at every level of the shopping process providing a holistic interaction and reaching consumers wherever they are, on whatever device they are on.
As digital continues to touch every step of the customer journey, new realities are emerging for retailers. For retailers to reap the revenue benefits of omni-channel shopping, companies must structure their business around the mirroring of online and in-store creating a coherent shopping process for consumers.

For my final Major Project, I created Selfridges+, a reaction to the omni-channel environment. Selfridges+ is a brand new multi-feature app for smartphones and tablets that is powered under the Selfridges umbrella. Launching in June 2017, Selfridges+ delivers a service that allows the user to browse, shop, scan, earn points and receive tailored information specific to their shopping activity whether they are inside or outside of the physical store. Selfridges was missing the digital interactions that the store environment does so well and so Selfridges+ replicates the in-store environment and operations bridging the gap between online and in store and appeals to consumers of any geographical distance to use the app and engage with the brand giving them a 360 degree of the Selfridges brand.

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